Ganymede Truffle Process

Steps involved in the process of our truffle to your table...
Harvesting Truffles


Once a truffle is located it must be evaluated for aroma and ripeness before being disturbed further. Our dogs can often distinguish between an immature truffle and a ripe one and once a ripe truffle is detected will scratch the spot but does not dig. The ripe truffle is gently removed by the Truffier with minimal soil disturbance so as not to affect next year's production.

Cleaning Truffles


Excess soil is removed and the truffle is cleaned with water and a soft brush. This is quite a process as truffles have crevices in which small particles of dirt can hide and even the tiniest grain of dirt can potentially ruin them.

Disinfecting Truffles


The truffle is brushed with vodka to ensure a perfect clean…yum!

Drying Truffles


When washing is completed, the truffles are left to dry for about an hour and then dried thoroughly with cotton cloth. Truffles must be completely dry before storage as moisture can cause deterioration.

Grading Truffles


The truffle is classified according to aroma, weight and shape.

Weighing Truffles


Each truffle is individually measured and weighed before being packaged.

Packaging Truffles

Packaging & Labelling

The truffles are placed in a bag, along with absorbent paper and then heat sealed to ensure freshness. The truffles are labelled with the weight and date packed. The package is placed in a sealed insulated box

Posting Truffles


Express posted to you...

You will receive a fresh, clean, properly graded and labelled truffle with assured provenance, directly purchased from our farm.
The timeframe involved from harvesting to posting is usually 24 hours thus ensuring you take delivery of our truffle at its optimum freshness.

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