What To Do With Your Truffle When You Get It Home!

A step by step process to get the most from your truffle

What To Do When You Get Your Truffle Home!

Ganymede Truffles hand holding Truffle DetailYou may have come across Andrew Haskins from 3seeds in any number of ways but our paths crossed at Tarago Truffles Blessing of the Truffle Dogs where I happily sampled his food (happiness often being an emotion experienced by me when coupled with food) and so I was delighted when I read this excerpt from Andrew in the Truffle Festival Canberra Region Newsletter. It’s so informative that I’ve literally just copied and pasted (and added a few photos).

3seeds chef Andrew Haskins has been experimenting with truffle for 10 years and says it’s all about infusions. One 50gm piece of truffle can be divided into four and each piece used for three infusions. He shares his step-by-step process to get the most out of your truffle, transforming eggs, oil, brie, chocolate, cream, cheese, honey, risotto rice, butter and salt.

First off… buy a 50gm truffle and cut into four evenly sized pieces, which we’ll call truffleshuffle, trufflehound, trufflekerfuffle and trufferific, just for a bit of fun.

Step One – first infusion…

Truffle Storage with Eggs and arborio riceTruffleshuffle goes into a glass jar with eight whole eggs. The perfume will infuse the egg and subtly flavour the raw egg.

Trufflehound goes into a glass jar with 500mls of cream.

Trufflekerfuffle is infused in a glass jar with percorino or gruyere cheese.

Trufflerific is infused in a glass jar with 500 gms of dark chocolate pieces.

After four days, remove the truffle, rinse under cold water, and dry extremely well.

Step two – second infusion…

Truffleshuffle is infused in glass with good quality olive oil which can be used for dressing, marinating and splashing.

Ganymede Truffles Camembert with TrufflesTrufflehound is finely sliced and put through a quality brie (1300gm). Wrap the brie back in its original wrapper, then glad wrap and refrigerate. Brie will be ready to eat in three days.

Trufflekerfuffle is infused with good quality local honey, again glass, refrigerated.

Trufflerific is placed in good quality risotto rice, in glass jar.

After four days, remove the truffle, rinse under cold water, and dry extremely well.

Final step – final infusion!

Truffleshuffle is finely grated with 300gm of quality unsalted butter, and whipped in a mix master (aeration helps in carrying the aroma).

Trufflehound is finely grated into a good quality salt. Keep chilled and in glass or freeze for a prolonged aroma. Then store in the fridge.Ganymede Truffles truffle vodka with truffles beside it and a Japanese knife

Trufflekerfuffle is shaved into a good quality vodka (glass). This will preserve the truffle for up to three months.

Trufflerific is shaved onto any array of dishes, perhaps truffle eggs, risotto … you name it.

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