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Standouts For Ganymede’s 2018 Truffle Season

By August 29, 2022September 1st, 2022No Comments

What a year 2018 has been for us at Ganymede and how quickly it has already come to a close. Our truffle season has been and gone and without doubt, it was our most successful and productive to date. So much so, I scarcely had time to catch up with friends, experiment with truffle recipes or have my usual chat with the animals. The entire weekends were relentlessly spent hunting, cleaning, grading and packaging truffles.

As we moved into the festive season it’s evoked our family thinking nostalgically over memories of our first Christmas at Ganymede and the time we woke to a horse in the kitchen …

Perhaps one of 2018 ‘s point of difference has been Ken, our year of the Emu. Ken’s been around, off and on, since 2013 but this year we have really become one of his flock. That is until Autumn comes around again and he’s off searching for a mate and looking after his babies. I always hope like mad he’ll be back but since he’s a wild animal you can never be certain.

The Standouts

This year our top pick, which we all unanimously agreed upon (shock horror!) was the arrival of our very first truffle hound, the slender, lanky shadow named Zazu. We have always been a dog family so any hound we got would be special to us however as Zazu is our first canine worker there is a deep sense of comradeship and working with man’s best friend come truffle season. He (along with my superb writing I assume) led to our most engaging Facebook and Blog post.

PS Did you know, according to a survey, 7 out of 10 dogs get Christmas presents from their owners. I know ours did!

Our most-liked Instagram post

Our most liked family truffle dish for 2018 – Ottolenghi’s polenta chips adapted with truffle overload of course. What do you think? Polenta chips? As luscious as only a fried carb can be or deeply offensive to all potato purists? I promise to add the recipe to the website, trust me, it’s worth making!

For the first time ever, Australia is on track to overtake France in truffle production

Wishing you all a safe, relaxing and joyous Christmas Season and may 2019 be an abundant and happy year for us all!