There goes the neighbourhood

Beginners Guide to Trufferie Maintenance

Once I decided to blog it seemed obvious that answering questions people often ask about truffle farming would make for an ideal topic in the chronicles of Ganymede. With this, The Beginners Guide to Trufferie Maintenance I begin, though my title is...
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Ganymede’s 2016 Truffle Harvest

In the beginning “Now is the Winter of our discontent made” inglorious by 2016’s inconveniently warm and extended Autumn. It really doesn’t seem so long ago when we were walking up and down our trufferie, checking our trees and the number of...
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What do Truffles Smell Like?

Looking at Dr. Gary Lee’s Truffle Aroma Wheel, as fascinating as it is ingenious, will probably best answer the question ‘what do truffles smell like’ far more helpfully than anything I’ve yet unearthed in my searches. Although I do still love the...
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Blessing of the Truffle Dogs

We enjoyed ourselves so much this time last year at Tarago Truffles Blessing of the Truffle Dogs that we were counting the months, weeks and then finally days to this year’s Blessing. Ominously the weather forecast for the ceremony predicted 20-40ml of...
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