There goes the neighbourhood

Nefarious Truffle Trade Stories

Harvesting truffles, elusive and unpredictable as they are, seems almost straightforward when compared with the chicanery and subterfuge that can accompany the distribution and sales with the truffle trade. At least perhaps in France (at the risk of annoying any French that could improbably be reading...
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The Perilous Perigord Truffle Phenomenon in 2016

When Ganymede’s truffle season ended with a disconcerting whimper after a bangingly encouraging start, the recent abrupt and early closure of one of France’s best known Perigord truffle markets had me trawling the internet to discover why. The tiny medieval town of Sainte-Alvere...
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Bee Blog and Ganymede Truffle Honey

Spring Spring has arrived and I’m thinking about my blogs and what to write. It occurred to me, I’ve been trying to keep some semblance of truffle related products alive on social media by cooking and experimenting with our truffle honey –...
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10 Things I didn’t know about Black Truffles

Australia hosts far more truffle-like species than Europe or anywhere else in the world. Around 300 species are documented here in Australia however recent field work estimates this number to rise exponentially to an estimated 1200-2400. Europe, in (odious) comparison, has only...
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