Our Redacted 2018 Truffle Season

Dance like Nobody's Watching
truffle season

Our 2018 Truffle Season and Dancing like Nobody’s Watching

Okay I know, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. It’s amazing how the end of truffle season and the start of Spring can galvanize! Sometimes it’s hard writing into the ether … but then again, conversely, there’s also something quite liberating in thinking no one is reading, you know, along the lines ‘dance like nobody’s watching’ …..

2018 has been a memorable truffle season for us for a number of reasons, some that cannot be written of and some that can (amazing,Feeding cattle good and the jury is out):

I have to start with the epic new companion and truffle dog, Zazu – actually, he’s worth a post all to himself – standby for photos!

This dreadful drought and constant hand feeding of the cattle and horses whilst watching mobs of kangaroos move in

Our first truffiere performed so well we never quite made it into the second

Discovering an astonishing amount of people go to Truffle Festivals and apparently don’t like truffles. Inconceivable.

The most incredible truffle lunch held by Marco at St Maur showcasing his wines and our truffles. Highly recommended and not only for the wines! The winery is set in a rustic vintage dairy farm with stunning views – the menu is worth sharing, have a look!

A seasonal shared lunch with exceptional wine and food from local gardens showcasing Ganymede Perigord Black Truffles

Saturday 18 August 2018


Twelve hour house smoked brisket croquettes with shaved Perigord black truffle

Perigord black truffle arancini

Quail egg infused Perigord black truffle on a dark German bread

St Maur Lot 41 2016 Pinot Gris



New Zealand Scampi Perigord black truffle mixed mesclun salad

Buon Ricordo’s “fettuccine al tartufovo”

St Maur Lot 41 2011 Chardonnay



Squab Pigeon porcini tortellini assorted mushroom served with shaved Perigord black truffle & jus

Char grilled Veal cutlet on a celeriac Perigord black truffle purée served with baby carrots green beans & jus

St Maur Lot 41 2016 Pinot Noir

St Maur Lot 41 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon



Perigord black truffle ice cream with hazelnuts chocolate honeycomb

So very completely chaotic – resolve to be much more organized next year (!)

Perhaps I should publicly commit to writing about each topic, but then, I hesitate to shame myself, but then again, see above … write as though no one’s reading … and after all, I have started on Zazu ….

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