There goes the neighbourhood

A Question of Cost

Whenever the topic of truffles arises, the question of cost invariably follows. There is the perceived cost and then there is actual cost and quite often, the two are poles apart. But is it really relevant to focus on this one aspect...
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In Zazu We Trust

Introducing Zazu, our very own truffle dog! The Arrival Introducing Zazu our very own truffle dog, a lanky black 3-year-old bundle of kelpie and border collie, he was rescued and delivered from SE Queensland via Nathan of OzK9 Detection and Training in...
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Nefarious Truffle Trade Stories

Harvesting truffles, elusive and unpredictable as they are, seems almost straightforward when compared with the chicanery and subterfuge that can accompany the distribution and sales with the truffle trade. At least perhaps in France (at the risk of annoying any French that could improbably be reading...
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